Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's a Quick-Win!

In class today, we went over some topics to consider for your business plan!! Here is a list of some of these topics.

Know your numbers!
  • Price - Expenses = Profit
  • We are not only thinking about the money we are making per unit, but we are also thinking about the money we are losing.
  • COGS
How Big is Your Market? Some things to think about.
  • Who are the people that want what you are selling?
  • When do they want what you are selling?
  • Why would your customers want what you are selling?
  • How much of it do they want to buy?
  • What is the potential of what you are selling?
Googling is a SKILL! A few ways to make Google find the information YOU NEED.
  • "(your interest)" market trends
  • "(your interest)" market size
  • "(your interest)" industry size
  • "(your interest)" industry revenue
  • Add "pdf" at the end of any search, or you can try ".doc"
  • If you're searching for a PowerPoint presentation, put "ppt" at the end
  • An example would be:

Buzz Words!!
  • Words that are used to make it sound like you know what you're talking about.
  • Sound like an authority.
  • Here's the list you used in class. (From Wikipedia)
  • Have more Buzz Words that aren't on the list? Put them here!!
  • Make sure that when you are using buzz words, you are putting them in proper context!
30-Second Pitches. How to make that 30 seconds count!
  • Make your company name easy to say/pronounce.
  • Think about and/or try to find out the common needs of your customers.
    • Ex. Picking out a greeting card
    • Ex. Cotton candy! Mention sugar-free, but possibly don't remind customers of the products that aren't sugar free.
  • Try starting your pitch with a catchy phrase that will reel people into what you are selling.
  • Have all of the points that you are making connect to each other.
  • Reword what you were trying to say when getting feedback on your pitches.
  • Word your pitches so that what you are saying in your pitch is understood the first time.
  • What's the product? Let's see it!! 
  • Fluctuate your voice!! Make your pitch sound better just by the way you speak.
  • Sound happy. Look happy. BE HAPPY ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SELLING. Be confident!
  • Always stand up when you are presenting! Command the floor.
  • Introduce yourself. Who are you?!! Make yourself stand out! (First and Last Name)
  • Be careful to not repeat yourself too much.
**If there is anything that you would like to add that isn't in this post, please comment below! Thank you!

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